Produce individual products down to a batch of 1 - whether its customized wash places, personalized jerseys, complex projects  in the field of connection and automation technology… 
Our Product Configurator CONFIGON is ideal for these and many other use cases. Out-of-the-box or customized. We can create your very own configurator from our library of standard modular components. CONFIGON can be integrated seamlessly into your website and is available to your customers at any time, from anywhere - no installations necessary.

Machine engineering, electric and drive engineering
Machine engineering, electric and drive engineering

Drill heads, clamps, control cabinets, electric cylinders and lifting columns...
CONFIGON enables your staff, partners and customers to configure complex technical products easily and error-free  in projects that can consist of many various articles, that in turn are subject to electrical, logical and mathematical rules.
Understandable. Efficient. Successful.
CONFIGON guides your users through the configuration via rule-based filters and selections, making it easy for users of any skill-level to use without having to take any workshops or extensive training. However, your support team can log into a project should a user need some help. Furthermore, our standard components such as the plausibility check with quick fixes, friendslist for working on projects together and admin tools to maintain data independently provide you with important features for a smooth workflow.
CONFIGON provides you with a sophisticated tool that integrates seamlessly into your sales and production processes and offers interfaces to other solutions such as  PIM systems. Make the most of your sales potential!                 

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Modular furniture
Modular furniture

Inspiration, planning, visualisation, production…
Create a room directly in 3D in just a few steps, request an offer or place an order and generate documents such as pricelists, bills of materials, installation plans, CAD files and photorealistic renderings? YES, our installation-free 3D configurator CONFIGON enables you to that and much more!
Clearly arranged catalogues. Endless possibilities. Appealing to target audiences. Simply click on the wall or the product you want to configure and get started. No matter if you're an expert or not, CONFIGON offers users of any skill-level an easy to use, rule compliant, web-based sales and planning tool online - no installations needed.
The result: satisfied customers and less complaints, because CONFIGON optimizes your complete process. Let us show you!

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Glasses, jerseys, bags, mobile phone covers… the possibilities are endless!
From personalizing a complete sports kit for clubs - incl. the cut, colour combination, graphics, labelling - to designing personalized beer glasses as part of a marketing campaign. CONFIGON is perfect for personalizing any merchandise.
CONFIGON, our easy to use, web-based configurator that lets you configure products realistically in 3D. Accompanying your product from the configuration right through production.

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Renewable energy
Renewable energy

Solar systems, inverters, revenue- and profitability analysis…
CONFIGON has also proven itself in the field of renewable energy. Our online tool enables you to do the complete planning of photovoltaic systems, from the preliminary planning for an offer to placing the order and creating all the plant documentation. Intuitive usability and 3D visualization make CONFIGON easy for users of any skill level to use - that's why employees as well as customers feel comfortable using it.
Furthermore, features such as configuring solar systems and inverters in 3D and compliant to rules, adjusting the location, roof shape, roofing, measurements, roof construction, sub-roof and interfering surfaces and the revenue- and profitability analysis are what make our Planning Software a state of the art solution.
Make the most of your sales potential!

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